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If you suffer from tooth or bite misalignment, it pays to partner up with dentists who specialize in orthodontics.

Manhattan Dental Practices offers comprehensive orthodontic solutions for all ages and situations. 

Learn how our team in Murray Hill, NY, can help you achieve a winning smile and promote your oral health.

What Orthodontics Can Do for You

Promote Your Oral Health

A crowded or crooked smile can make it challenging to brush and floss effectively. When you can’t clean those hard-to-reach areas, issues like tooth decay and infection can develop. Orthodontics can provide you with a straight, evenly-spaced smile that makes brushing the surfaces of your teeth — and flossing in between them — easier than ever before.

Relieve Pain and Discomfort

If you notice a persistent soreness in your jaw, pain while chewing, or any other discomfort in that area, a bad bite — more formally known as malocclusion — may be the culprit. Malocclusion can even manifest in discomfort you may not directly associate with your mouth, such as headaches. Orthodontics aligns your bite and relieves oral and maxillofacial pain.

Improve Your Self-Image

Everyone wants a smile they feel confident showing off to the world. If tooth misalignment is causing you to feel self-conscious when you want to be smiling wide, orthodontics can introduce symmetry and balance that spark confidence in all aspects of life. From picture day to presentations, our orthodontist is ready to help transform the way you feel about your look.

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Our orthodontist helps teens and adults alike straighten their teeth and improve their self-esteem. If tooth misalignment is impacting your oral health or your confidence, we want to work with you. Are you ready to take the first step toward the smile you’ve always wanted? Request a free consultation by giving our Murray Hill office a call or sending us a message today.

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Hear What Patients Have to Say About Our Practice in New York, NY


Adam Gong

New York, NY


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Dr Park and the staff are great. I always finish my visit with a smile. When I look into the mirror after the visit, I noticed that my smile always looks better than before :)

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kendall quinn

New York, NY


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Dr. Park is an absolute angel and has saved my smile! Her thoughtful advisory and top-notch “chair side” manner is so comforting and appreciated. She is my go to!

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Advanced Orthodontic Treatments We Offer

Our Murray Hill office offers services that are not commonly offered at your typical dental practice. These services set us apart – we focus on getting you the results you want. We offer fast and invisible services that are great for all ages and all types of people.
Ceramic braces

Ceramic Braces

While we offer traditional braces, many patients prefer ceramic braces instead. These braces use clear or tooth-colored ceramic brackets attached to the surfaces of your teeth. While they can be just as effective as conventional metal braces and have a comparable treatment timeline, ceramic braces are often more popular among teens and adults because they are considerably more discreet.

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces

These behind-the-teeth braces work just as effectively as traditional braces and address the same dental issues. This orthodontic solution — affixed to the lingual side of the teeth — is ideal for teens, professionals, and those who simply don’t want to draw added attention to their dental work.


These custom clear aligners are ideal for patients — especially adults — looking for an alternative to braces. Our practice is a Platinum Invisalign® provider, a prestigious status reserved for orthodontists who demonstrate the highest level of quality and expertise when it comes to providing this treatment.

Explore Invisalign

Post-Treatment Retainers Offered at Our New York, NY,
Dentistry Practice

Our team in Murray Hill offers several options to help you maintain your stunning orthodontic treatment results, including:

Traditional Polyurethane Retainers

We provide clear retainers crafted from polyurethane to be worn immediately after having braces removed. Your dentist will consult you on how often you should wear them and additional maintenance tips.

Lingual Retainers

These permanent retainers are attached behind the front teeth and are an excellent cosmetic alternative for patients who want to prevent their teeth from moving out of proper alignment.

Invisalign Retainers

We provide Invisalign retainers for those who have completed the clear aligner treatment. Like other retainers, these transparent orthodontic devices are designed to keep your smile in place after Invisalign treatment.

To further perfect your smile and overall facial aesthetic after orthodontic treatment, we offer teeth whitening and BOTOX® Cosmetic.

More High Praise for Our Dentists in New York, NY


Nikita Ash

New York, NY


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Dr. Park and her entire team are absolutely the best at what they do, as well as the kindest, most generous people I've ever come across in any medical profession. I cannot more strongly recommend them - I so look forward to when I get to see them, and given that that usually involves some significant dental work that's saying something!

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Jamie Xia

New York, NY


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Dr. Park, Crystal and the staff here are extremely personable and kind. They take great care of their patients - I would recommend coming here to friends and family!

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