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After decades as a trusted provider of orthodontic care, we have expanded our services across diverse disciplines to provide holistic care for your entire smile.


TeleDentistry Consultation

Dear friends,

We recognize this is a challenging time for everyone. Dr. Park is available on-call via TeleDentistry.  Connect with Dr. Park today using the Teledentistry link below. 


Note: there is a fee for this consultation, and if you have insurance your PPO provider will be billed, although reimbursement is not guaranteed.  


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General & Restorative

Enhance your oral health and restore damaged or lost teeth. 

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We have different options available to whiten and brighten your smile!

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Orthodontic treatment can help realign teeth for dental and facial irregularities. 

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Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can aid in restoring aesthetic and normal function of your mouth.


Advanced Technology for Quality Care

We are dedicated to providing our patients with exceptional dental care, and we recognize that our investment in advanced technology gives us greater opportunities to achieve this. It is our goal to provide patients with the knowledge and dental care to improve their quality of life. 



"Everyone was very kind, empathetic, and personable! Didn't have to wait at all; the team was efficient, trustworthy, and straightforward about everything from the state of my teeth to my insurance. Everything was easy to understand. I also appreciated the little things like asking for music suggestions (seems silly but this goes a long way if you're like me and cleanings make you super anxious!) and a nice reusable travel size post-visit "goody bag." Dr Park's office is very thoughtful."

—  Zoe B.

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