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Tooth Extraction

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Preservation of your teeth is always the priority in dentistry, but in some cases, extraction is the best solution.  Impaction, crowding, extensive decay, or trauma may make it necessary to extract a tooth in order to restore your smile. 

Why a tooth extraction?

  • Improved health: Extracting a severely decayed or broken tooth can benefit both the health and aesthetics of your smile while setting the stage for restorative treatment. 

  • Preparation for orthodontics: In cases of overcrowding, teeth may need to be extracted before orthodontic treatment. Preparatory extraction can help you achieve a more symmetrical and attractive smile. 

  • Relief: Extracting an impacted tooth can help you avoid severe pain and serious damage to surrounding teeth and bone tissue.

What is involved in a tooth extraction?

Your oral surgeon will administer local anesthesia and use forceps to gently loosen the tooth from its socket. If the tooth is severely impacted, incisions may be made in the gum and bone tissue for easier removal. Any necessary sutures will then be placed. 

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