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Because children are still growing and have not mastered a dental routine yet, they are especially vulnerable to cavities. Made of a thin plastic coating, dental sealants act as literal shields against decay-causing bacteria so that your child’s smile stays healthy.

Why is a sealant the solution for me?

Prevent cavities: By acting as a physical barrier, a dental sealant can protect teeth from bacteria and decay. They are most often applied to the molars, which are especially vulnerable. 

Lower the cost of dental care: The fewer cavities your child gets, the less you have to pay for restorative treatments like fillings and crowns.

Establish Long-term Dental Health: Children do not always brush and floss their teeth properly, which makes it easier for cavities to develop. A little extra protection can lay the foundations for good oral health in the future.

What is involved in a dental sealant?

  • Apply etching gel to enamel to prepare the tooth and rinse it off

  • Paint on liquid sealant

  • Set sealant with curing light













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