Orthodontic Treatments for Kids & Teens

At Manhattan Dental Practices, we treat patients of all ages and backgrounds. We love to see kids and teenagers in our office. Correcting a child’s smile is one of the best ways to alleviate confidence problems due to a crooked smile or bite issue. We offer multiple solutions for children and teenagers.

Children Ages 7 – 10

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Before about 10 years of age, your child’s jaw and adult teeth are still developing. Their jawbones are still soft and easily manipulated if necessary. This is the perfect time to treat any developmental issues. We can employ dentofacial orthopedic treatment to solve any facial imbalances or development problems.

In the past, orthodontists used appliances that need to be worn constantly in order to create the desired results. In recent years, an appliance has been created to allow it to be worn only while sleeping. Now we can treat jaw development issues conveniently and easily. This appliance, something we call a “Magic Mouthguard,” is a great way to prepare your child’s mouth for orthodontic treatment or even prevent the need for treatment altogether.

Children Over 10 and Teenagers

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At about age 10 to 15 is the perfect time for braces. This is when all (or at least most) of your child’s permanent teeth will be coming in. The jawbone hardens at this time as well. We can help your child feel great about their smile and head off any confidence issues surrounding their malocclusion.

How Do I Know If My Child Needs Braces?

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There are some telltale signs that your child may need braces. These signs include abnormally timed loss of baby teeth, crowding, or misplaced teeth, obvious bite problems, jaws that pop or shift unnaturally, and disproportionality. If you are unsure and concerned about the orthodontic health of your child, please schedule a free consultation. We can help determine what treatment, if any, is necessary for your child. To reach our office, call (646) 216-5321 or sign up for your free consultation online right now. We can get your child the help he or she needs.

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