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Have you suffered extensive tooth loss? Modern dentistry offers more reliable teeth replacement than ever before. Our New York, NY, practice offers All-on-4®, a full-arch teeth replacement technique that utilizes the power of titanium dental implants. Depending on your lifestyle and desires, as well as your oral health, All-on-4® may be a more attractive option than traditional dentures. For over 30 years, our practice has been helping Manhattan patients improve their quality of life after tooth loss. We can help you, too, with advanced All-on-4® treatment.

Why an All-on-4®?

All-on-4® is an implant-supported tooth replacement treatment that provides a secure alternative to traditional dentures. To qualify, patients must have no remaining teeth, or our oral surgeon must extract any remaining teeth. During the procedure, the oral surgeon securely places four dental implants into both the top and bottom jaw. This provides the solid foundation that keeps All-on-4® dentures from slipping. Our dental team can then place full upper and lower sets of custom-crafted prosthetic teeth to achieve the most natural look and feel for your smile.

The All-on-4® system functions much more like your original teeth than traditional dentures. When it comes to full-mouth teeth replacement therapy, All-on-4® offers many aesthetic and health benefits, including:

  • Immediate teeth replacement for qualified candidates

  • Significantly fewer dietary restrictions compared to traditional dentures

  • The freedom to confidently and comfortably eat and drink

  • Improved digestion through superior chewing ability

  • Increased stability

  • Eliminating the need for dental bone grafts

  • Eliminating the traditional denture palate which covers the roof of the mouth

Am I a candidate for All-on-4®?

All-on-4® is a great option for patients who desire more stability than traditional dentures can provide. However, our team wants every procedure to be successful, so determining candidacy for this treatment involves looking at a patient’s:

  • Oral health history

  • Current medical conditions

  • Current medications

  • Tobacco use


A history of gum disease or current gum disease puts implants at risk. Other health conditions that may impact your ability to heal, such as diabetes, should also be discussed. Certain medications can put you at risk for a failed implant placement, so discussing current medications with our staff is important. Additionally, any recent or impending radiation therapy near the jaw could be a barrier to receiving implants.

What is involved in an All-on-4® treatment process?

When it comes to placing All-on-4® implants, our practice focuses on patient comfort. We offer both nitrous oxide and IV sedation to improve your experience during the procedure. We also have an on-site oral surgeon who can place the implants at our practice, so from beginning to end, you can receive high-quality care in one location. Our innovative technology, like the cone beam computed technology scanner, simplifies your treatment and improves the quality of your final restoration. This unique scanner provides our dentists with a comprehensive 3D representation of your teeth, oral soft tissues, and bone so that they can prepare for your unique oral structure before placement begins.

All-on-4® treatment boasts the unique benefit of Teeth-in-a-day®. Most patients who choose this technique receive temporary, non-removable dentures the day of their implant procedure. These temporary dentures are securely fastened to the implants in each jaw, creating permanent, fixed teeth. About three to four months after the implant procedure, patients will receive their final set of permanent dentures. Since these teeth cannot be removed, patients must schedule quarterly or bi-annual cleanings to maintain optimal oral health. 


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