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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Extensive dental damage, decay, and tooth loss can impact the way your smile functions and cause you embarrassment. An entirely customizable treatment, full mouth reconstruction can address multiple areas of your smile to restore its structural integrity.

Why is full mouth reconstruction for me?

Eliminate your risk of more widespread tooth loss: When left unaddressed, dental decay and infection can spread to other areas of your smile. Treating these concerns can protect remaining teeth and the shape of your jaw.

Treatment can have extraordinary aesthetic benefits: Full mouth reconstruction is designed for your smile. Your dentist can take into account the shape of your face, the position of your jaws, and the alignment of your teeth for beautiful results.

Better health, better function, better life: Missing teeth can make it difficult to chew, and patients with tooth loss often sacrifice healthy food as a result. Treatment can make it easier to eat the foods you need and love.

When designing your treatment, consider all of the restorative solutions available. Dental implants can replace missing teeth, periodontal therapy can improve the health of your gums, and fillings can repair cavities. If you have temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMJ disorder or TMD, treatment can relieve pain and even protect your teeth from excessive wear and tear. You can incorporate any number of procedures into your unique treatment plan. 





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