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Dental Bonding


Imperfections such as stains, chips, or gaps can cause you to feel self-conscious about your smile, significantly impacting your confidence. Using a tooth-colored material, dental bonding conceals imperfections and creates a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Why is dental bonding the solution for me?

Dental bonding is a cost-effective option: Bonding is much more affordable than other alternatives. It can conceal stains, close gaps, rebuild cracks, and create a more consistent tooth shape and size.

Dental bonding requires minimal tooth alteration: Whereas porcelain veneers require the tooth to be reshaped, dental bonding involves gentle etching prior to applying the composite resin material. As a result, bonding is reversible.

Dental bonding can be performed in a single visit: Since there is minimal preparation, bonding material can be applied to the tooth in one appointment. The process usually takes under one hour.

What is involved in dental bonding?

  • You and your dentist will discuss your goals and identify the specific issues you would like to address.

  • The composite-resin will then be shade-matched to the surrounding teeth for optimal aesthetics.

  • The doctor will apply the resin to the treatment area, molding the material around the existing tooth structure to achieve the desired shape and size.

  • Using a curing light, the resin will be hardened.

  • Finally, the dentist will polish the tooth and resin for the most natural-looking results.













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